Maintenance Tips For Your Roof


Everyone wants their homes to look elegant. To achieve this, you need to invest both time and money in maintenance and upkeep. You will also need to spend hours to perform jobs like power washing, snow plowing, mowing, and raking. All these tasks take time but are worth doing for the upkeep and maintenance of your property. Most people however usually overlook the roof since they do not look up. The roof is an important part of the home as it defends you from outside harm.

Tips for maintaining your roof


You should take your time to clean your gutters since leaves and debris normally pile and result in damage to the roof shingles. This debris can also allow water into your roof sheathing. This will cause the roof rafters to rot, and this is risky for you. Make sure you remove the debris.

Get rid of moss

You should check your roof often to ensure there is no moss growing on it. When building your home, you can tell your roofing contractor to apply strip on the roof top. This way you will prevent the moss from growing and keep your roof at its best.

Metal rust

A good practice for roof maintenance is checking out for any metal rusts. If there are any, you can remove them using a wire brush. After removing rust prime and paint with a coating that is rust resistant.

Overhanging branches

If there is a tall tree close to your house, then its branches can be a hazard to your roof. Besides dropping leaves on the roof, it gives access to critters like raccoons and squirrels. Any branch that is ten feet higher than the roof should be cut to avoid these risks.

Remove piling leaves

Always ensure that you constantly remove leaves from your roof top. You can implement this by using a leaf blower or a car brush on some telescoping pole. Be careful however not to apply a lot of pressure to the roof.

Check the weather

homeimprovemntrightvsfdbnmfghAnother practice that you should exercise is to inspect your house in case of strong wind or hail storm. Check that no shingles are loose or missing and if the flashing on the skylights, vents, and chimney are damaged.

If you live in areas where snow and ice are common, ensure you prevent ice dams. If ice forms on the roof do not pry it off instead use a telescoping pool to remove the snow and ice. You should not overlook roof maintenance but rather do routine checkups to ensure the roof lasts for many years. If you implement these tips, you are sure your roof will stand ravages derailing elements.