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i prayed for an intercession that my brother pass the job interview and be accepted for the job. just got word that we got the job and will start on Monday.Thank you for the intercession.
Date of Posting: 6 Feb 2014Posted by: irene
I went to san pedro calungsod chapel in SRP Cebu together with my family. We prayed and offered prayers to him. We took pictures of the saint with my children. And when I reach home to see the pictures I have taken, I am surprised to see that all the pictures I have taken together with San Pedro Calungsod have all gone, but all the other pictures without him are all there. What does it mean? Does he want to imply something. I want to know his message for me.
Date of Posting: 31 Jan 2014Posted by: MARRYCRES SUDARIO
San Pedro Calungsod was a very powerful intercessor, When I started my novena to Him, I started to realize that He assisted me to do the right things in all my request. Thank you, San Pedro Calungsod,
Date of Posting: 8 Jan 2014Posted by: Jane A. Amurao
im a devotee of SPC since 2004, i was fourth year high school then. as i enter college God granted many of my prayers trough SPC such as passing the subjects, winning the quiz bee, passing the board exam and many more. thnks God, thanks mama Mary and thanks Saint Pedro.
Date of Posting: 13 Dec 2013Posted by: tablante777
I was diagnosed with liver problems June 2013 and prayed to San Pedro.I went through extensive medical tests and repeated blood work. I was also referred to a liver specialist. During this time, I prayed fervently to San Pedro to heal me. I persevered in the daily novena and prayed the rosary in his honor. San Pedro answered my prayer quickly. Last August, my liver tests went back to normal and the Specialist was surprised with the results. I attribute my healing to San Pedro.He answers prayers.
Date of Posting: 10 Oct 2013Posted by: marie
Last year, I entered this division contest. The night before, my classmates and I went to church to ask God for help. We didn’t know that the St. Pedro Calungsod Team was coming to our church. We went there and felt very blessed to be in a mass in honor of St. Calungsod. I prayed to him and God and asked for help regarding my contest. The next day, I got first and I made it to the Nationals! Thanks to God and my backer, St. Pedro Calungsod. 🙂
Date of Posting: 14 Sep 2013Posted by: Patricka Villasenor
—Continuation— I really dont know the history of St. Pedro Calungsod that time, but I have read among these testimonials that St. Pedro Calungsod can heal. And I tried. Everyday I prayed and prayed, novena, until now. And believe it or not, I feel much more better now than before. Without taking any medicines. The power of prayer is unimaginable! And that is the reason why I am writing here right now, because I promised that if I get healed, I’m going to testify and give hope to others.
Date of Posting: 4 Sep 2013Posted by: Anonymous and healed
Recently I suffered from too much depression, anxiety and homesickness. More than these, I also suffered from several medical problems which is hypertension and high uric acid. All together, these made me feel hopeless and paranoid. One day while I was searching the internet for medicine and herbal products for my sickness due to hopelessness, I thought of browsing prayers. And it brought me to this site.— Continuation on the next paragraph—
Date of Posting: 4 Sep 2013Posted by: Anonymous and healed
tinaningan po ng mga dr.tatay ko,6months or less,pancreatic cancer daw,pero liver nya me mga bukol na din,nag dasal po kami mag-asawa ke SAN PEDRO CALUNGSOD,noong lumabas po biopsy,NO TRACE OF MALIGNANCY,…nagtaka po dr,kc malalaki daw po bukolat madami,bakit daw po negative,….alam ko po ang sagot dahil ke SAN PEDRO CALUNGSOD….ngayon po june 27,2013,me biopsy ulit sya sa liver,alam ko negative ulit..salamat po SAN PEDRO CALUNGSOD….pupunta po kami,mag-anak,pag uwi nmin sabay-sabay, sa cebu
Date of Posting: 14 Jun 2013Posted by: CHONA ILAGAN
Through the intercession of St. Pedro Calungsod, a grave problem facing our family had been resolved. In this respect, I am making a book about him with the materials I copied from your site. With your permission, I hope to publish it “FREE” in the internet via my website addmediacreatives.tk and magazine LIKEiT. If you want more to be included in it, just inform me. I hope this will help many people to get to know more about St. Pedro Calungsod.
Date of Posting: 22 May 2013Posted by: Augusto K. Meneses